Focus on the base!

9. November 2017

BasislagerOrganizations pamper and challenge the few in the executive suite …“ That’s what we see every day at work, and that’s what we read in the news as well. Seth Godin thinks the reason for this is „that it feels more dramatic, seems more controllable and is ultimately easier.“ (The real law of averages, posted Nov. 3rd., 2017)

„If you want to raise the standards of any group, improving the top of the heap isn’t nearly as effective as focusing your effort on the base instead.“

But is ist also effective? Think about this: If every one of the thousands of customer-facing employees was more motivated, more kind, it would have a huge impact.

Eine Empfehlung für die deutschsprachigen Leser: … was Mittelständler aus der aktuellen Bildungsdebatte lernen können. Schon 3 Jahre her, aber immer noch top-aktuell!


Abbildung: Everest-Basislager,

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