Silent Killers

22. September 2016

It’s been quite a long time, since my last post. I’ve been really busy this summer travelling to Spain, UK and the U.S., and sort of managing growth for our small (but of course very „boutique“) business.

change_directionGrowth, at some point, involves Change. And management of change  is always a real challenge.

Recently I found this really interesting article in Harvard Business Review: It’s title – „Why Leadership Training Fails—and What to Do About It“ – is almost a bit misleading. The most interesting aspect, to me, is how to overcome Barriers to Change.

The three authors identify six barriers, companies consistently struggle with:

(1) unclear direction on strategy and values (which often leads to conflicting priorities)
(2) senior executives who don’t work as a team and haven’t committed to a new direction or acknowledged necessary changes in their own behavior
(3) a top-down or laissez-faire style by the leader (which prevents honest conversation about problems)
(4) a lack of coordination across businesses, functions, or regions due to poor organizational design
(5) inadequate leadership time and attention given to talent issues, and
(6) employees’ fear of telling the senior team about obstacles to the organization’s effectiveness.

Because of that fear, they call these barriers “Silent Killers”. They almost always appear together, and they block the systemic changes needed.

If the system does not change, it will set people up to fail.

Any individual development of employees – individual target setting and performance measurement, team-building, training measures etc. – are doomed to fail if a favorable organisational context is missing. Management practices and leadership behavior needs to shape the system before training individual employees. But read yourself …


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