26. Februar 2016

As Salespeople and Marketeers – basically everyone who is serious about communicating – we think a lot about which words to use. And, as visuals are getting more and more important,
Kisswe concentrate on selecting the most appealing photos or other images.

But, as Alison Davis puts it in her post on Inc., „despite these best efforts, there may be one factor you’re overlooking … that determines whether your audience is drawn into or turned away by your communicationThat element is friction„:

  • A link is broken. A video doesn’t play. A website isn’t mobile enabled so can’t be viewed on a smart phone.
  • There’s a barrier to overcome.
  • Content is too long.
  • It’s too hard to understand.

So, and this is the very bad news: Even if the audience (your customer) is completely interested in the topic – even if they need the information – and even if your content is really awesome, friction can cause failure.

What should you do? My advice is Keep It Short and Simple! I know, the idea isn’t brand-new. But, obviously, many Salespeople do not follow that piece of advice. I’m sure, it’s crucial.

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