Wake up and pull yourself together!

23. Juli 2015

You can develop bad habits over time. Just like in many – maybe all – other areas, it’s fascinating that many Salespeople tend to fall into similar patterns of behavior.

Inc.“ author Barrett Riddleberger has compiled a list of 50 bad sales habits to eliminate.

Here’s what I find most important:

  1. Stop chasing unqualified buyers who can’t or won’t buy. „Off-target“ buyers are low-probability opportunities.
  2. Educate yourself about your prospect.
  3. It’s about the buyer, stupid! Don’t lead-off your sales pitch with your product or service. Stop talking, and listen. Listening to customer concerns means you learn something new. Stop guessing what the customer wants. Instead, try to find out, what he or she is thinking: ask the right type of questions, clarify using follow-up questions.
  4. Still: make sure you know what your talking about. You’re the product-expert. If not: read the manual, take a class, bring an expert.
  5. Customize, instead of giving a standard presentation. Translate features and benefits into „buyer value“.
  6. Don’t sell on price! Some customers buy on price, but most buy on value.
  7. Follow-up and follow-through during the sales process.
  8. Fire bad customers! Not all business is good business.

And, don’t waste time constantly checking your email, but (spell-) check before sending, be on-time at meetings, and be well prepared. Anything else is an offense and implies a lack of appreciation

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