Is it worth it?

22. Februar 2015

When we go shopping, we compare all the time: What’s the difference between this T-Shirt, this pair of Jeans, and that one? Do I prefer the design and the color? Is this brand really so much cooler? What about the quality of the fabric? Does it look good on me? And finally:
Is it Jacketworth it? If we spend a fortune on this Italien designer piece, we decide: Yes, it is!

There is no right or wrong answer. People are different and value things differently. And everyone knows this. So, for us as Salespeople, it should be quite obvious that customers are different. Value based selling is about understanding these differences first, it’s about differentiation. You need to analyze, and then set a price to capture the value that an individual customer receives. Again, there might not be a “right” answer. But the analysis will get you close, and lets you see how your customers are making decisions.


2 Antworten to “Is it worth it?”

  1. […] Don’t sell on price! Some customers buy on price, but most buy on value. […]

  2. […] Den Kunden verstehen heißt mit den Kunden sprechen und ein Gefühl entwickeln für deren Zahlungsbereitschaft. […]

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