knowing the user, knowing the magic – and connecting the two

16. Februar 2015

Knowing the user means understanding who … your customers are. Not just knowing who they are, but what they need, what are their deep insights, and understanding how we can help them.

kundennutzenKnowing the magic means knowing what’s in the hearts and minds of your engineers and your product managers, and what they’re building.

Connecting the two means bringing the magic built by engineers to the world in a way that is relevant, meaningful, and compelling“ (*) to the customers. So we create something that they will be excited about.

To make this happen, companies have to get better at telling Value Stories to the customer as well as listening to them. I think that should be the role of Salespeople and Marketers in the company — to be the champion of the customers needs (when it comes to product features and services), and at the same time getting the most for the own company (when it comes to pricing). With the „right“ offerings, this should be no big deal 😉


*Lorraine Twohill, Google’s senior vice president of global marketing in an Interview with McKinsey Quarterly, Feb. 2015

Eine Antwort to “knowing the user, knowing the magic – and connecting the two”

  1. […] to much about our products, about features, solutions, and services. But we don’t ask enough. And we don’t listen to our customers. Who knows, if customers really don’t care, or if they just say they don’t. I think, […]

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