Five Company Values Is One Value Too Many

6. Februar 2015

When I discuss value selling with my b2b-customers, one of the most challenging exercises is to reduce the extensive list of (technical) data to only a couple of statements, their customers really understand and care for. It is often tough for Product Managers and Salespeople to boil down their usual argumentation. If you look at many product brochures, flyers and presentations, the audience is showered with loads of products-qualities and features. Maybe, here too, 4 is not a bad number. But, as we noticed in a previous post:  less is even more!

Eine Antwort to “Five Company Values Is One Value Too Many”

  1. […] wissen, mit wem sie sich einlassen. Der Marktauftritt muss realistisch und nachvollziehbar sein. “Nachvollziehbar” zu sein für den Kunden heißt, seine Anforderungen und seine “S…. Dann kann Vertrauen in die Marke […]

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