Everyone’s a critic …

30. September 2014


… but style counts

On some level, we all want to believe we’re perfect. We tend to rate our work (and our looks) as better-than-average. Of course, it’s statistically impossible for everyone to be above average. Perhaps that’s what makes criticism so hard to take for most of us. And this is why it’s so important how criticism is delivered.

According to Erin Meyer, a professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, there are huge cultural differences, how criticism is delivered around the world and what it means for the criticized:

Israel, Russia and the Netherlands give the toughest feedback, followed by Germany. More „indirect“ cultures can be found in Asia – Indonesia, Japan and Thailand, to name a few.

In this interview with Wall Street Journal, Meyer gives some insight into different cultures and  how they tend to express criticism to peers, subordinates or the boss.

When you are leading a global team (… you have to) understand how your own way of giving feedback is viewed in other cultures and make subtle adjustments to get the results you desire.“


Picture: © Getty images

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