How Buyers Buy…

8. Mai 2014

With the Internet and the intensification of competition in many industries, the way buyers buy has changed. Buyers are busier, they have more choices, and they are better informed than ever. So what are the companies that are bringing in new customers and growing their accounts doing that’s different?

For their new book (Insight Selling: Surprising Research on what Sales Winners do differently), Mike Schultz and John Doerr surveyed over 700 B2B buyers, and identified seven factors that most separate winners from second-place finishers:

  1. Educated me with new ideas or perspectives
  2. Collaborated with me
  3. Persuaded me we would achieve results
  4. Listened to me
  5. Understood my needs
  6. Helped me avoid potential pitfalls
  7. Crafted a compelling solution

Now, a „swan song“ has been sung recently for solution sales and using customer benefits. Successful Salespeople are allegedly replacing traditional „Solution Selling“ with a „radically different approach“, so called „Insight Selling“.

But, is it really that radical? Knowing your customer’s business rather than reacting to a customer’s needs, is something every good sales person has aimed at for a long time. In my mind, to what extent this can be achieved largely depends on how close you are to the customer. Not every customer will allow you to engage early and to coach the customer about how to buy. And you won’t be able or even willing to manage every account equally effortful. In many cases – for what it’s worth – solution sales is just all right!


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