Everything you do is an opportunity

26. Januar 2014

In his post the buffet problem keeps getting worse, Seth Godin describes the thinking that leads just about every all-you-can-eat buffet to trend to mediocrity:

„Oh, don’t worry about how fresh the mashed potatoes are, after all, they’re free.“

buffetIt is true, as far as the kitchen is concerned, each individual item on the buffet is ‚free‘ in the sense that the customer didn’t spend anything extra to get that item. 

But, once you start thinking that way, then every single item on the buffet gets pretty lousy.

Successful organizations often beat the competition by turning the ‚buffet problem‘ upside down: „Let’s make these the best mashed potatoes in town–who knows, next time, that guy out front will bring his friends.

We should see it this way: „The mashed potatoes aren’t free, the mashed potatoes (and everything else you do) are an opportunity. The cheapest and most effective marketing you’ll do all year.“

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