How do you know a „storydoing“ company?

12. Januar 2014

Although marketing has been working with stories as a rhetorical device for quite some time, we are miles away from making strategic use of stories. „Storytelling“ is on everybody’s lips for ages. But how relevant are these stories to the customers? To be genuinely convincing, the message needs to be credibly represented on all levels, in all facets. It is not enough just to tell a story. Companies should also act accordingly. So how do you know a „storydoing“ company when you see one?  These are the primary characteristics:

  1. They have a story
  2. The story is about a larger ambition to make the world or people’s lives better
  3. The story is understood and cared about by senior leadership outside of marketing
  4. That story is being used to drive tangible action throughout the company: product development, HR policies, compensation, etc.
  5. These actions add back up to a cohesive whole
  6. Customers and partners are motivated to engage with the story and are actively using it to advance their own stories.

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