Don’t talk past your customers

28. Oktober 2013

New research recently published by McKinsey reveals a significant disconnect between the messages B2B suppliers offer, and what is in fact important to their customers:

Issues to which B2B companies attach the greatest importance, often have only minimal influence on buyers’ perceptions of brand strength, and some of the most important topics for customers were among those least mentioned by B2B suppliers.

The analysis also showed something else that is maybe even more important and surprising:

Instead of differentiated brand messages, B2B companies often tell the same stories as other players in the same industry. But if both, you and your competitors, claim (more or less) the same, will this message move the needle when customers consider your brand?

4 Antworten zu “Don’t talk past your customers”

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  2. […] So, to maximize positive impressions of your brands and products, consider making a list of best attributes and strengths; narrow these down to the three most essential ones and focus your efforts around these three. And, make sure that you do not talk past your customers! […]

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  4. […] What “if both, you and your competitors, claim (more or less) the same”? Obviously, everyone has accepted, that they only sell what the others do. But, even if your product (in the first view) does not give you a real competitive edge, you don’t have to accept that your offering is becoming a commodity. There’s often room for differentiation. Be a little more bold, make a bigger promise – maybe on the thing that the product also does – but make sure that you can keep it. […]

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