Innovation – „We’re open to anything“

13. Juli 2013

Although well-intentioned executives might express discomfort about approaching innovation in a structured way or about placing boundaries on innovation efforts, it’s never true! This is one statement in „The Two Questions to Ask Before You Innovate„.

It feels good to say „we are open to anything“ but the second part of that sentence is often not said out loud: „as long as its aligned with our strategy“.

This is why, when you start innovation projects, two things need to be clarified in advance to save time and rework later:

  1. Why  are we really doing this?. Certainly, the end goal of many innovations is to generate financial returns. But, there are other reasons to innovate as well …
  2. How do we measure sucess? What are ultimate revenue targets? By when? What do operating margins have to be?

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